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Akira Corp is an equal opportunity employer

Project Manager / Estimator

Akira Corporation welcomes an experienced Project Manager / Estimator with construction experience and the ability to sell, estimate and direct construction projects. As a member of our operations team, you will be responsible to fulfill assigned projects, marketing and sales goals. The position requires a highly motivated professional exhibiting an exceptional level of customer relations and communication skills and recognizes the complexities of the project.

  • Provide customer support from start to finish of all projects and maintains consistent contact with clients until completion of project
  • Educate clients on process of repairs, timing of service delivery and realistic expectations
  • Accurately estimate and price projects to maximize volume and profitability, develop and offer up-sales where possible, prepare client contract and follow-up to close the sale
  • Plan, monitor and supervise the deployment of all projects to achieve quality services and timely execution of projects within budget
  • Interact with other managers and support staff and supervise production to ensure customer/contract requirements are met
  • Ensure job files are maintained and complete, manage and input all documentation and maintain established insurance requirements
  • Document, coordinate and communicate any project change orders/supplements to production, client and other interested parties, such as insurance representatives and third party claims administrators
  • Ensure accurate and timely billings and project collections
  • Develop, manage and grow a base of approved subcontractors, uphold all documentation, internal and client expectations and quality and cost initiatives
  • Maintain and implement marketing goals and action plans and develop and maintain relationships with both current and potential clients and referral sources
  • Maintain high level of expertise by participating in appropriate seminars and training programs and obtain certifications required to enable company to maintain industry standards and accreditations
  • Assist in monitoring, training and developing production personnel to enhance quality and to support company policies and initiatives
  • Responsible for upholding safety requirements on the job sites and to ensure work is completed according to required building codes and industry standards and permitting is in place as needed

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Accounting Administrator

Akira Corporation welcomes an experienced Accounting Administrator responsible for issuing financial reports and statements which are accurate and free of errors. As a member of the administrative team, you will complete specialized tasks to ensure that the financial data for company is accurate and complete. You will be responsible for completing duties in the areas of management, accounting, tax preparation and financial planning. As a business professional, you must understand the planning and organization of our corporation and help us function at maximum efficiency and achieve our goals.

  • Administer proper coding and manage invoices and document all processes and systems Monitor all account payable checks, prepare invoices for all and prepare updates on all accounts
  • Maintain files on all account receivables and update records as required
  • Manage monthly journals, update entries and maintain sub ledger for fixed assets
  • Perform research, reconcile all bank accounts and resolves all issues in processes
  • Prepare reports of payrolls on monthly and fortnightly basis
  • Monitor efficient working of HR staff and inform employees of insurance programs and employee benefits
  • Prepare and document all taxes and its filing
  • Ensure efficient client services and provide support to administration staff
  • Maintain all files and invoices and prepare records of minutes of meeting
  • Assist accountants and prepare all financial data and reports
  • Evaluate all physical contracts with products and billing plans
  • Organize customer contracts and evaluate all agreements and invoices
  • Monitor work of production manager and provide status on all business
  • Manage all petty cash and prepare cash flow reports
  • Coordinate with management and recommend improvement in quality of accounting and provide operational support

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