Frequently Asked Questions

What is our process?


 Once we receive notification that a client is ready to move forward, we respond within forty-eight (48) hours and provide an upload link to the client. 

The upload link will allow the client to upload the architectural drawings directly into our cloud based document management system (Egnyte) 

Or you can upload your project with the button below.

What is the price of our services?


Our rates are a fixed hourly rate and the amount of man hours to do the estimate is determined by the size and complexity of the project. We can typically perform an estimate in 60-100-man hours. Example: a $500,000 -$2million Project estimate will cost around $5,000 -$10,000

How our services benefit as opposed to our competitors?


  •  We provide economic forecasting, 
  • We are more cost effective than hiring a full time in house estimator, we purchase RS means data
  • We keep up with the stock market prices of commodities
  • We use the latest technology and software (on-screen take off) (360-degree photos if site visits are necessary) 
  • We provide a team of experienced professionals with most having 30 years of experience, 
  • We are fast and accurate due to our streamline corporate processes
  • Our team breaks out the estimate and assigns to each professional based on their respective trade. 


Project Flow Chart

This is a flow chart of how a typical project can be expected to flow from receiving the project drawings, specs and RFQ to performing our cost estimating services and sending the results back to the client